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About Our Homemade Ice Cream

We call it "Homemade Ice Cream" because the ice cream we make is flavored mostly with ingredients found in the home and that could be purchased from your local grocery market, such as chocolate chips, cookies, vanilla extract, all kinds of roasted nuts, seasonal fruits (and veggies too!), spices and so on. These simpler ingredients make vastly superior ice cream in contrast to the more highly processed flavoring ingredients found in most of the ice cream sold in this country. Simpler is usually better. Amen.

A good example of our simple approach is our delicious Fresh Peach ice cream. We make it only during the summer months from peaches grown in the U.S. and picked at their peak flavor. We buy thousands of fresh peaches, wash them, cut them in half, remove the stone, marinade them in brown sugar over night, and add them to the cream, milk and sugar in our ice cream freezers, freeze the mixture and voila! - delicious Fresh Peach Ice Cream, just like you could make at home.

Our "White Coffee Ice Cream" is flavored by infusion. We steep whole Fair Trade Organic certified coffee beans, which we dark roast ourselves, in heated cream for several hours to infuse the cream with the flavor of whole coffee beans rather than the flavor of brewed coffee. The difference is amazing . . . this flavor tastes the way coffee beans smell, creating a uniquely intense coffee bean flavor without the bite found in a cup of dark roasted brewed coffee. We specialize in making traditional ice cream flavors taste outstanding and in creating flavors that may never be popular but satisfy the adventurous customer looking for the unusual and exotic. We have over 300 recipes from which we make all of our ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, lactose-free ice cream and frozen yogurt offerings, we even carry a peanut butter flavored doggie sorbet. New this year, is the re-introduction of our original 1988 frozen yogurt which is a tart, tangy, non-fat soft serve yogurt that’s full of active cultures.

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