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February Flavors

Caramel Delight - Caramel ice cream loaded up with ripples of caramel and chunks of Caramel DeLite® Girl Scout cookies purchased from local troops!

Thin Mint - Green mint ice cream loaded with Thin Mint® Girl Scout cookies from local troops.

Cherry Vanilla Chip - Vanilla ice cream, black cherries, and big, soft chocolate chips. (GF)

London Fog - Tastes just like the creamy tea latte of the same name - slightly sweet with gentle notes of bergamot and lavender. (GF)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Low Fat Yogurt - Our classic low fat yogurt with lots of chocolate chip cookie chunks mixed in.

New! Chamomile Citrus Sorbet - Fresh-brewed chamomile citrus tea with a taste of honey and lemon. (DF, GF)

Pineapple (Coconut) - Dairy free coconut ice cream with chunks of pineapple blended in. (DF, GF, V)

V = No Animal-derived Ingredients, GF = No Gluten-containing Ingredients, DF = No Dairy-containing Ingredients

"We call it "Homemade Ice Cream" because the ice cream we make is flavored mostly with ingredients found in the home and that could be purchased from your local grocery market, such as chocolate chips, cookies, vanilla extract, all kinds of roasted nuts, seasonal fruits (and veggies too!), spices and so on. Simpler is usually better.

What’s distinctive is that the flavors are all intense . . . close your eyes and taste, you’ll always know what flavor you’re tasting, from the esoteric (tomato basil flavor) to every kid’s delight (Cookies 'n' Cake Batter) we create flavors for all tastes."

Vince Petryk
founder and owner of J.P. Licks

of the Month
Black Cherry Fudge Sundae
Cherry Vanilla Chip ice cream, homemade hot fudge, bing cherries, and whipped cream.


chip White
Hot Chocolate

Smooth, sweet and


Thin Mint Lixwich
Thin Mint ice cream between fresh baked Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies!


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