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Visiting Artists


James Reis

Jamaica Plain





Nature through the Lens of Photographer James Reis

A Jamaica Plain resident through 2017, James Reis expanded his love of nature photography at the Arnold Arboretum.  Like the rest of JP, the Arboretum is a diverse tapestry that comes together and creates a whole, and offers enchanting microenvironments that invite even closer inspection.

Read more about his Arboretum work at: https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2018/04/close-up-photos-capture-wonder-of-a-walk-through-the-arboretum/

James draws his Arboretum connection from his love of Sunday morning trips with his father to a pond in Ohio. Now living in Princeton, James and his wife Jeanne honor that tradition and spend many weekend hours roaming the 281 acres of the Arboretum that whisper, sparkle, and fascinate amid the surrounding Boston neighborhoods.

Currently, James is also photographing nature in central Massachusetts, and in Hawaii and most recently, Ireland.  Visit his website at: https://wonderhide.wixsite.com/photo






Nancy Present-Van Broekhoven





Nancy Present-Van Broekhoven

For 45 years, I was a clinical social worker specializing in work with children and adults with special needs. My professional work opened my eyes to new and different ways of looking at the world. That work has impacted my art and infused it with what I hope is a wonderfully unique perspective.

My paintings provide me with a sense of place and time. I try to paint each creature in its natural setting and focus on one particular element which captivates me with its singular beauty….whether it is the gossamer wings of the dragon fly or the intricate design of the snake’s skin.

While I only paint with watercolor, I add ink as well as rice paper and found objects to my art to enrich and deepen the textures of each piece of artwork.


Anyah Lee Suderman

South Bay





Anyah Lee Suderman


Anyahlee has spent the bulk of her artistic career as a community artist, developing, revitalizing and directing art-based nonprofit programs in both DC and Metro Boston. She has worked with diverse communities to express social justice issues and to celebrate community identity through art, both in the studio and in public spaces.

In conjunction with art, she has many years experience as a professional guardian; advocating and coordinating care for elders with complex medical issues.

Currently her focus is on developing a jumpstart design firm that will house its own brand while developing marketing identity and creative strategy for new and existing businesses; serve as a platform for collaboration with a wide range of talents nationally and globally.


Original work is also available for sale as artist prints. Contact the artist directly for inquiries Anyahlee.arts@gmail.com www.anyahlee.com



Mindy Dutka

West Broadway





Mindy Dutka
Dogs I Meet

Roaming the globe in search of every dog’s story through my camera lens. Honoring family dogs, capturing invincible bonds, inspiring animal advocacy. I am based in the Boston area, I photograph family dogs, out-and-about dogs, and shelter dogs.

Website: https://dogsimeet.com/


Stephanie Cohen

Coolidge Corner




Stephanie Cohen

A Chicago native, Stephanie Cohen earned her B.F.A. from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry from Tufts University, and is currently studying at the Tufts University School of Medicine. She has designed journal covers for World Neurosurgery. Her drawings articulate the idea that the human body relies on harmony and equilibrium. She creates technically intricate renderings that combine musical and anatomical elements.



Thomas Durand

West Roxbury




Thomas Durand

Thomas H. Durand, originally from New York City, is a graduate of the Museum School of Fine Arts and an active painter and photographer in the Boston area. In addition to producing his own work, Thomas curates shows at JP Licks, public art locations, and sits on the board of JP Arts Council.

The sock monkey doll became Thomas's photographic subject after a particularly personal time of crisis. At the time these, hand made, depression era dolls were perfect figures to express the seemingly never-ending, raw emotions he was experiencing. Thomas's images are simultaneously playful, hopeful and even comforting. Between the images, their titles and the human experiences they evoke, there are often multiple ways of entering and engaging his work that bring tears to some and laughter to others. "My inspirations come from many places, which incorporate my thoughts on the human condition generally - on religion, nature, music, art history, American icons, social and current issues in addition to my own emotional demons and delights."

The black and white images are gelatin silver prints, hand printed by the photographer from the original negative. Each image is a limited edition and printed to archival standards on double weight fiber paper signed and numbered on the back. The color images (except the painted images) are similarly from original negatives printed by a professional color lab to archival standards.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of these photographs. More images and information can be viewed at www.monkeysox.com



Jamaal Eversley

Harvard Square




Through the use of minimalist pop abstractions, the goal of Jamaal's current series of paintings is to unlock the mind and arouse youthful emotions. He wants to challenge the viewer to be independent of thought and prejudice, and become audacious in allowing his or her inner emotions take charge. His hope is to help each Harvard Square J.P. Lickian reconnect with the innocence and freedom of their inner child and let their imaginations soar. After years of self discovery and an arduous search for the "Keys To Life", Jamaal has taken this turn towards straightforward conceptual designs to break art down into its simplest form and bring out the power of its relatability.

All art is for sale. You can contact him at 617 930 0275 or jmlevs88@aol.com and see more of his work at jamonit.carbonmade.com



Melissa Bertolino


Davis Sq






Melissa Bertolino

Melissa Bertolino was raised in South Carolina and has a B.A. in Studio Art from Columbia College. She has lived in New England for the past twenty-five years with her husband and three children along with her chocolate lab Lucy and her rescue cat named Sizzle. Her studio overlooks nature that inspires her to paint everyday.

She is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators) and the GBIC (Greater Boston Illustrator’s Group). She is currently working on a children’s book that she hopes to be published. Her paintings are in private collections from California to Prince Edward Island.

“Why do we create? How could we not? We create something everyday whether we know it or not, and why not? It’s fun!”

Instagram: Melissa.bertolino.
Email: melissa.bertolino@gmail.com







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